Welcome to Telecom Business Hub

Welcome to Telecom Business

Thanks for choosing Telecom Business. By now you should have received a Welcome pack in the mail and this website is designed to give you more information about getting started.

Lets get started

Help is at hand If you can’t find answers online, we have a specialised team standing by to help. With the specialist service of the award-winning 126 team, we want to be able to give you the time you need to focus on your business.

Find your nearest store You can visit our Telecom Retail Stores, Orb or Leading Edge stores to talk to a Telecom representative face to face.

Your account information by phone Got a question on your account and prefer to get an immediate answer over the phone?

Manage your account online Get your bill online, check your balance and much more.

Check your broadband use Our Broadband Usage Meter will tell you how much data you’ve used.

Your first bill Find out why your first bill is different from the bills you receive from then on.

Pay the way that works for you Choose from a broad range of payment options.

Useful resources
There are lots of ways businesses can use the Internet to their advantage. Online networks and partnerships are becoming increasingly more important and often it’s simply about finding the people and companies that can help. To help we’ve put together a group of links to online communities and websites.