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 Business Mail - Details 

Telecom Business Mail gives you all the features and benefits of Microsoft Exchange® and Outlook 2007® without having to invest in expensive servers and software.
So, why use Telecom Business Mail?
You can get your email and appointments from virtually anywhere
Business Mail lets you open your email, appointments, tasks and contact information from virtually anywhere including:
Business Mail
from  from a compatible mobile phone
your office computer or laptop.
your home computer
or using a web browser on any computer with an internet connection.
The advantage of Business Mail is your email and appointments are stored in one place, which means whichever way you choose to open your emails, they will always be up-to-date.
It's really easy to see when other people are available so booking meetings is a piece of cake
Business Mail’s calendaring, contact and task management features make it easier for your users to schedule meetings, book resources, track tasks and share business contact information with each other.
Business Mail
Shared calendars lets you view other users' calendars and easily book meetings with them along with rooms, projectors and other equipment.
Shared contacts lets you create and share centralised contact information that all of your users can access, even from a compatible mobile phone.
Task management helps you to more easily track and manage tasks, both your own and those you have assigned to other users.
It's secure and reliable
Business Mail
Business Mail is hosted and supported in New Zealand in our secure datacentre. Our expert teams continuously monitor and update our systems to ensure they are problem free and highly secure.
You also don’t have to worry about viruses, spam or hackers. Comprehensive SPAM and virus protection is built into the service, and Microsoft Outlook's junk mail filtering features put you in control of what gets blocked and what doesn't.
And because your email is centrally stored on our servers, if your computer crashes or your laptop is stolen you won’t lose all of your email. All you need to do is connect your new laptop to Business Mail and your emails and appointments will still be there.
It's affordable and flexible
Business Mail
Building your own in-house email solution can cost thousands of dollars, and thousands more in ongoing support. Plus you’ll probably need to upgrade it again in three years as your storage needs grow and hardware leases expire.
Business Mail grows with your business, and requires no upgrades. You don’t need to purchase additional hardware or software licenses, everything you need is included in our monthly fees.
With Microsoft Outlook® it's familiar and easy to use
Business Mail provides the user friendly, familiar experience of Microsoft Outlook® or Outlook Web Access (Outlook in a web browser) making it easy to:
Business Mail
Create professional looking emails
Find old emails and conversations
Organise your inbox and important emails
Flag emails with follow up reminders
And manage your appointments, tasks, and contact information.
What do you get with Telecom Business Mail?
A business-grade mailbox with 250MB of storage space for each user That’s enough to store around 1500 emails. If you or any of your employees need more, simply upgrade to our 1GB or 2GB storage options.
A free copy of Outlook 2007 for use with Telecom Business Mail When you sign up before 1 June 2009.
A self-service administration website Letting you add and remove users, reset passwords, upgrade users to larger mailboxes, and manage distribution lists and contacts without having to call our helpdesk.
Domain name email addresses BusinessMail lets you have email addresses for all of your users. You must have at least one domain name to use Business Mail.
Free technical support Technical support is available through the Telecom Business Hub helpdesk from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Help for configuring your service or resolving any technical issues is free.
Mobile email access If you have an internet connected Windows Mobile smart phone, or an internet connected mobile with a built-in POP email client or web browser, you can use these with Business Mail at no extra cost.
Free help to get setup Because Business Mail is ready to go, your business can be up and running in just a few days. When you sign up, our experts will contact you to discuss your setup needs and provide some help to configure your user’s PCs and mobile devices. This service is free until April 30th, 2009.
A 30 day money back guarantee If you try Business Mail but decide it’s not for you, as long as you cancel the service within 30 days you won’t receive any charges for it.
What do you need to use Telecom Business Mail?
A domain name
You need a domain name that can be used with Telecom Business Mail for email. It can still be used for other purposes such as hosting your website.
Business Mail does not include any hostingor registration charges for your domain name. You'll need to buy these separately.
A broadband internet connection
A broadband internet connection is required to use Microsoft Outlook® with Telecom Business Mail.
A dial-up connection can be used with Outlook Web Access, however it can be very slow and a broadband connection is best.
Your computers need to be running at least Windows XP with Service Pack 2
To use Microsoft Outlook® with Telecom Business Mail you need to have at least Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed on all your computers.
If you are not using Microsoft Outlook®, this requirement doesn't apply.
Internet Explorer 6 or later, or an equivalent browser. To use Outlook Web Access, for best results you should use at least Internet Explorer 6 or an equivalent web browser such as Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or greater.
A Windows Mobile smart phone, or an internet connected mobile phone with a built in POP email client or web browser.
For best results with Business Mail we recommend using a Windows Mobile® smart phone. Alternatively you can use any mobile phone that is connected to the internet and has a built in POP email client or web browser.
Your mobile phone may require a suitable voice and data plan to allow it to connect to the internet. This does not have to be with Telecom.
Business Mail does not include any costs such as data traffic charges associated with your use or your mobile phone with the Business Mail service.

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